Code Atma Wiki


The Atma section is located in the bar below, next to the campaign page. From this one can access three tabs: Retire, Atma, and Compendium.


In the Atma section all the Atma the Seeker owns are shown. Atma are characters the Seeker can use in order to progress and participate in events, Fight Club, and all other activities revolving around the game. Atma can be leveled up and equipped with gear and Mudra. They also possess skills unique to themselves which allows for a good synergy among other Atma. All Atma are distinguished with a Element and Role of their own.

You are a Seeker, and a Seeker’s strength relies on the might and power of the Atma they possess. Some has capacity to destroy, some has the ability to heal, and some will be your shield. Atma is more than just a weapon, they are the deciding factor in winning the War Beyond the Veil.

In the War Beyond the Veil, your Atma is your best friend. As a Seeker, it is your job to make sure that your army of Atma will rise to the occasion. Improve their skills and evolve their stats as you fight better and stronger enemies.

You are required to maximize Atma's potential to become stronger in the War Beyond the Veil. Build combos between Atma, compile a team formation from 6 different elements.

Every Atma has unique skills that you can freely utilize. Carefully plan your approach to every fight, build different parties of Atma in regards to how their skills and capabilities react and deal massive damage to win each encounter.


Clicking on a Atma leads to their personal page where the rarity and class are shown above the gear worn. Lower down in a box is shown Level, Battle Power, Health, Attack, Defense and Speed; clicking on the diamond with the exclamation point you access the tab that shows all the stats in addition to those already shown: Skill Damage, Damage Reduction, Block, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Precision.


Skills are shown below the Atma image, by clicking on the individual skills you can read a description and the level necessary to unlock further upgrades.

At the bottom of the page you can access the Atma's info, by clicking on the 'View Atma' icon.



The Compendium page shows all the Atma in the game divided according to their rarity. Clicking on a portrait you can see the Atma's page and their abilities. The Atma that players own are shown with a colorful portrait and for each new Atma, accessing their "Story" will provide details on the Atma's past and reward the player with some diamonds and Mudra Seal after clearing their Chronicle episode.

The portraits of the Atma have frames of different colors based on their rarity:

Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
1☆ 4☆ 5☆ 6☆

Roles & Elements

Atma's roles and elements are something that must be considered specifically in preparing the team formations and combos that will be used in War Beyond the Veil. Roles are divided into 5 types. They are Tank, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard, and Healer.


In Code Atma, there are 6 elements, each of which has weaknesses against other elements. Atma get additional 30% ATK Up against certain elements.