Code Atma Wiki

How To Redeem

  1. Open Code Atma Application
  2. Clicking on your portrait in the upper left-hand corner pulls up the Seeker Details page.
  3. From there, scroll a bit and you will find "Redemption Code" Button.
    Seeker Detail 2.png
  4. Click on it, then put the valid Redeem Code at the corresponding tab then tap 'Confirm"

Currently Active Codes

Here is a list of all the codes that were given together when and what were the rewards, the rewards includes many useful resources such as diamonds, soul stones and hero scrolls that you can use at the noble tavern. All the codes are listed below:

  • M06TOWER4K - Redeem Code for 10 Shards 5* Atma [Active Until 31 December 2021]
  • MD25USER300K - Redeem Code for 15 Shards 5* Atma [Active Until 31 December 2021]
  • Y01ATMA16M - Redeem Code for 25 Shards 5* Atma [Active Until 31 December 2021]

Confirmed Expired Codes

To view the the expired codes, select "expand".

Code Name Rewards Source/Description Date Added Date Expired
ATMADISCORD500 Unknown Discord Unknown Unknown
ATMADISCORD1000 Unknown Discord Unknown Unknown
ATMAFB500 Unknown Facebook Unknown Unknown
ATMAFB1000 Unknown Facebook Unknown Unknown
ATMAIG500 Unknown Instagram Unknown Unknown
ATMAIG1000 Unknown Instagram Unknown Unknown