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Atma Tier List

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Started playing Code Atma? Read on for Code Atma 'Character' Tier List 2021 showcasing all of the Atma in a list - tier ranking

  • Atma Tier List Intro
  • SS Rank Atma tier list
  • S-A Rank Atma tier list

In Code Atma: Best Atma Tier List 2021, We have ranked all the Atma into five major tier ranks. These tier ranks are, SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier. Each tier has been given a specific description ( SS-Tier > S-Tier > A-Tier > B-Tier > C-Tier )

SS Tier Atma are the best ones and have most useful or great abilities in every aspect of game stage ( both PVP or PVE ).

S Tier Atma are one rating under the SS Tier, their abilities mostly needed un…

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