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Code Atma: Best Atma Tier List 2021

Started playing Code Atma? Read on for Code Atma 'Character' Tier List 2021 showcasing all of the Atma in a list - tier ranking

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  • Atma Tier List Intro
  • SS Rank Atma tier list
  • S-A Rank Atma tier list

Atma Tier List intro

In Code Atma: Best Atma Tier List 2021, We have ranked all the Atma into five major tier ranks. These tier ranks are, SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier. Each tier has been given a specific description ( SS-Tier > S-Tier > A-Tier > B-Tier > C-Tier )

SS Tier Atma are the best ones and have most useful or great abilities in every aspect of game stage ( both PVP or PVE ).

S Tier Atma are one rating under the SS Tier, their abilities mostly needed under different circumstances.

A Tier Atma mostly filled with good Atma that can support or need the support of another Atma to reach its potential in every battle.


SS Rank Atma tier list

In this part of tier list, we have covered the best SS Atma that are currently featured in the game:-

SS Tier Rank
ATMA Pro Cons


  • a Must have Atma, Player will get this from Daily Login Rewards
  • One of Three Exclusive Atma (Daily Login or Spirit Summon only)
  • High Chance for getting Extra-Turn for every Crit Damage she gives
  • High Chance to Burn enemies after Attacking
  • High HP for Ranger Class with Mid Damage making invulnerable for the front row
  • Need Support role (Shinta or Sweta)


  • One of Three Exclusive Atma (Spirit Summon only)
  • The only Water Atma that can give Bleed debuff
  • Anti-Burn Atma
  • High Chance to Bleed enemies after Attacking
  • Have an Enormous HP
  • Hard to get/collect/find the Atma (Only Available through Spirit Summon or Event)


  • One of Best Support in the Game
  • Debuffer (DEF Down)
  • Support (Energy Filler-Motivator)
  • Best use with Vrahatnala and - Of course, her Sister Lohita!
  • Must use support in the current Meta
  • Kind of Fragile Unit in the game
  • Most rare Element - Earth


  • Subdealer Tank
  • Anti-Crowd Control
  • Suitable for facing Freeze enemy combo
  • Best work with Amritha (Venom) and all Atma that give burn debuff to the enemies
  • [Under Construction]


  • Sub De-buffer Wizard
  • Forever Petrify (Crowd Control) - Use her with Wisanggeni as a tank and Srikandi as the main DPS.
  • Anti-Freeze.
  • AoE Ultimate Skill.
  • Earth Element Atma - Which one of the rarest and hard to get.
  • Need Wisanggeni or any Atma that inflicts burn on the enemies.


  • Most Favorite Damage Dealer -or- Killer in the game. (Burst Damage)
  • Heal on kill.
  • Looping her skill = Immortal Atma
  • Tsun-
  • Need Support like Sweta or Shinta that provides Motivator passive skill.
  • Front-Liner - Need to be hit to fill her Energy.
  • Each attack Reduce her Energy